Kriya Yoga 

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Kriya yoga is highest form of Tantra which increase your spiritual speed even 100 thousand times. Better than normal meditational practitioner . You can rejuvenate your brain cells faster than ever any therapy. With small practice, Kriya yogi can enter in subconscious mind easily and he can change the whole thing there 

That’s why this is called the highest form of spirituality 

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Pancha Prana Cleansing

Panch Prana emphasises purification of the body (deh suddhi) Mind, Chitta etc. Chitta shuddhi  has a main role in Self Realisation. The aim of Yoga is a self realisation so from deh shuddhi to Self realisation.
Most of people comes to me for curing diseases, not even body purification. I don’t say that everybody should come for self realisation. but I tell everyone, without purification of the body how can you achieve physical fitness. For curing diseases you need to be physically purified.
I taken one group (11 Practitioner) of 35 to 43 age, height 5.7 to 5.10 fit, they were all from one rich society and their parents were well settled. Most of them had smoking and alcohol and also some of were druggy. Their would weight between around 70 to 85. They just came to meet me in Delhi from Dubai and Oman.
They all came inside my room with very abnormal mood and unsmiling face. All said hello Yogi Anoop, it was like bombing over my head.
I smiled and started my diagnosis over one trouble maker of them. After 5 minute everyone was excess focussed and started listening quietly. I told that you are abusing yourself, you want to get free from all thoughts, thats why you all have started having these drugs.   Actually you have chosen escapism technique, this is not the right way of going into effortless zone. I know you are become frustrated with religious do’s and don’ts. You don’t want to live with those unscientific rules. you should live with your own constitution.

If you want to know my philosophy that how to live in the present, How to live without all hypnosis and without preaching. How to live without addiction so give me one week.
I it is possible for you then welcome otherwise you can go, you are free from my side. They accepted and lived for 15 days.
I applied my Yogic Panch Prana technique over them and after 15 days they had realised  a new world and were free from all addictions. Their whole kapha was gone. Nadi were purified, they become stayed into the middle brain.

At the end of the session I said  “I know that every student have a great potential”  so let know and use this for yourself and for society. And don’t come again to meet me for problem’s solution. Let always come to share me your positive and negative experience only. Fight with your own.

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