Meditation For Brain Cell Rejuvenation

Brain Cell Rejuvenation/Meditation/Yogi Anoop

Meditation For Brain Cells Rejuvenation/Yogi Anoop

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Is Yoga helpful for children?

Balancing Yoga/Yoga For Nervous System

Balancing Yoga/Yoga For Nervous System/Phra Julien 

As my view a lot of yogic asanas are not allowed to practice for Children because their physical and mental growth. They are in the age of hyper activity, and it is necessary part of their childhood. If they practice yoga like adult does, their physical growth may hurdle. But it doesn’t mean that yoga is bad for children. Actually yoga and meditation is excellent for them but according to their age and behaviour.

In this age they must do all those yoga asanas which are related with balancing, like a

Tada Asana
Tree Pose,
Baka Asana,
Natraj Asana
Garuna Asana
Urdh Upvishthkon Asana
Veer Bhadra Asana or T Pose (Balancing Pose) etc.

It may give them high concentration and nervous system so the can coordinate very easily between mind and body. If parent wants to improve their child more then children should be encouraged to do these balancing yoga with eyes closed. If children get mastery over these type of balancing yoga then will not suffer any nervous system problem in the age adult or old. Because they become expert in balancing and able to train their cells of brain.
I have made special program for school going children, like shock yoga, torture yoga, balancing Medi Yoga, Yoga for Children’s Brain Cells etc.  Even special child also can practice some kind of yoga which I have designed for them.
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Yoga Teacher Yogi Anoop
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Yoga For Strength And Focus

Yoga Meditation Master Yogi Anoop

Yoga Meditation Master Yogi Anoop

Strength of the body depends upon blood circulation, Oxygenation and Mental focus. If these are in right direction, you can improve stamina of body and mind. I am showing some asana here which are very beneficial.
1-Tada Asana
2-Chair Pose
3-Veer Bhadra Asana
4-Medi Yoga 7 Steps
4-Mool Bandh and Anulom- Vilom Breathing
Focus On Bandh:
It relieves constipation, piles, depression. Increase coordination between brain and abdominal area. It also controls sexual disorders and help to relieve sexual frustration, suppression of sexual energy and feeling of sexual guilt.
Step1: Even you may do this Mool Bandh Pranayam during walk just like horse or animal does. While seeing Television can be done with normal breathing. It increases physical and mental stamina extremely. It is best for menstrual and incontinence or overactive bladder problem.

-1: Sit in any meditative Pose. Inhale deeply. Exhale and retain the breath outside. Now contract the region of perineum or vegina as possible till breath is retained outside. When not possible to retain breath outside then loose pelvic muscles first thereafter inhale breath.
Repetition: practice this for 10 to 20 times.

Check Point
 : Avoid doing this during high blood pressure, heart disease, any major diseases. During practice if anybody feel dizziness then stop practicing immediately and consult with master.

Bhastrika can be done in the morning empty stomach. This is a most effective pranayam, which has a best result for increasing physical and mental stamina. But it should be done in the under of expert yoga guru only. Before diagnosis of the physical and psychological nature, practice may be dangerous. Actually this pranayam is well known for heat generating into nervous system and brain. Those patients one who are affected with low feeling tendency, Low Blood Pressure, Depression or excess phlegm in the Chest, can get benefit to this.

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