Vision of Chaitanya Foundation

(1) To work devotedly to strengthen the unity and integrity of nation. To develop a national religion, national language and national educational policy is our main motto.
(2) To work to make our nation economically developed and self reliant. To work far bridging gap between rich-poor, literate-illiterate, village-city and try to bring economic uniformity in our nation.
(3) To make our nation free from communalism, castiesm, regionalism, religious fanaticism. Besides this violence, corruption, injustice rooted in our society should be replaced by truth, love and justice and to build a strong nation.
(4) To increase awareness of our ancient Indian culture among our country men and to inspire them to follow it sincerely.
(5) To publicise Indian unique yoga science among the youth of our nation and to bring them in the mainstream of nation.
(6) To run massive programs to educate and empower women of our country and to give them their due respect and dignity and to bring them in the mainstream of nation.
(7) To work to make our judiciary system easily accessible, fast and unbiased.
(8) To stop natural resources destructions and environmental pollution, national awareness campaign to develop value based, scientific temperament far conservation of our natural resources such as land, water, tree, plants, birds and animals who helps in preserving and purifying environment.
(9) To develop scientific technique and temperaments of human physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development and to establish and run research and training centers far it.
(10) To establish and run schools and colleges far the children to impart them education of ancient Indian culture and to organise necessary and efficient programs far this.
(11) To run different types of programs for the upliftment of economically, socially and educationally backward people of our country.
(12) To run different types of programs for the overall development of backward caste, schedule, caste and schedule tribes. To organise many types of training program and centers such as typing, computer, sewing, knitting, candle making welding, carpentry and khadi industry.
(13) To run different types of program for the overall development of women of all castes of our nation. To organise training centers to make them economically viable and self reliant. To open rehabilitation center and old age home for the old, shelters, widow, vaishya and neglected women.
(14) To run different types of programs for the rural development such as panchayati Raj and self employment program.
(15) To make aware the people of our country about the importance of alternative Indian system of medicines. To organize training cenpers for yoga, ayurved, siddhasiddha, naturopathy and hervs.
(16) To make aware the people of our contry village or city about the safety of terrible diseases like AIDS, cancer, TB, heart disease.
(17) To open ashram and shelters for old, home less, asharya and neglected persons. To manage, education, residence and medical help for the street children and slum children and to run different types of program for their overall development.
(18) To establish and run school, library, engineering and medical college in different part of our country.

NOTE: For Opening Schools (Poor People), Please Donate: