What is Medi Yoga (Disease Based Yoga Meditation)

Medi Yoga is unique science discovered by Yoga Meditation Teacher Yogi Anoop. He researched a lot of things which is related with diseases. In this science he invented a new yogic therapy which is called “yogic diagnosis”. No other science in the world has affected and benefited humankind so much as yoga meditation and spirituality. It is the only science which gives perfect solutions of all human problems collectively- physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. In fact the very meaning of the word yoga is the separate ourselves from all sorrows and sufferings.
Medi Yoga provides Yoga Meditation Teacher Training, Meditation and Spiritual workshops, in a very balanced, integrated and scientific approach of life. Other science cannot give us. The remedy of all our problems as much as our knowledge of science is increasing, our problems are also increasing. Science has made us the slave of medicines, body and senses. In fact our life has become mechanical but the yoga gives us the path of conquering the world and leading a successful life. read more

About Yogi Anoop (Founder & Director)

Spiritual Diagnosis (Third Eye Diagnosis)
     Yogi Anoop known as “a man of Diagnosis” has Developed a unique technique for diagnosis in yoga & meditation. Owing to his inherent expertise he does not have to question or probe the patients for their related ailments and diseases and in 25 years long  meditative and spiritual life he has cross-trained himself in such a way that he can envision the minutest detail of the patient’s mind and body constitution and according to the corresponding constitution he suggests Yogic breathing and meditative techniques. He has even cured count less people with varied disorders. He also lectures on these techniques so that everyone can get benefited by them.
A lot of patients from India as well as from different parts of the world have been diagnosed and cured by him. see more

 About Chaitanya Foundation

Chaitanya Foundation, which was established in 2006, is working hard for the development of nation. It is the name of a movement to help the humanity in developing their overall personality and to work for a strong and united India. Its main objective is to make our society and nation free from caste, community, religion, hatred, corruption, crime, violence, exploitation and terrorism. Besides this to keep our countrymen physically, mentally see more

Medi Yoga Organic Herbs

We provide some specific organic herbs which are related with diseases and which give great effect you do yoga and pranayam. see more

Medi Yoga Grand Masters 

Lorena Medi Yoga Grand Master

Lorena Vázquez
Medi Yoga Grand Master
Puebla Mexico

Medi Yoga Grand master in london UK copy

Medi Yoga Master
London UK
Yogacharya Acharya Narender




Yogacharya Arya Narendra ji
Medi Yoga Grand Master
West Delhi